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MeRINS – Methodology for the Design and Implementation of Institutional Repositories
Escobar, Liliana, Ledesma, Paola, Sandoval, Alicia, Budán, Paola y Méndez, Analía.
In this paper we present a Methodology for the Design and Im- plementation of Institutional Repositories, called MeRINS. It is customized to the National University of Santiago del Estero (UNSE). MeRINS is to consider the application of the concept of knowledge management to the university, re- quires thinking the university management from a paradigm that recognizes that knowledge is produced in a context of multiple interactions. The proposal is de- veloped taking into account the characteristics of the UNSE and the suggestions in LEADIRS II Manual which offers practical advices that can be used when we start creating an Institutional Repository (IR).
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