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The Politics of Expulsions and Mass Deportations: Current Issues and Challenges
Scholten Andrew.
Congress of Social Work, Madrid, 2016.
Forced expulsions are on of the greates events international community must face in the coming years . The aim of this article is to present the issues of forced deportation and expulsion in the context of international law and human rights law. The article is divided into three parts. The core part of the first part is presentation of the most important international law documents concerning deportation. Second part is focused on the current scale of deportations and expulsions in the diffrent parts of the world. Part three is focused on the most burning aspects of this problems and the mechanisms of prevention of forced deportations. The article is also focused on the mechanisms of prevention of mass deportation and arbitrary displacement. A significant part of this article is focused on the political aspects of expulsions and deportations, and displacement in comtemporary world.
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