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International Human Rights Law Aspects of Forced Migrations, Evictions and Displacement: Current Issues and Challenges
Scholten, Andrew.
New Trends in Regional Development” Conference, Siena, June 3rd 2016. Universidad Compulense Madrid, Madrid, 2016.
The aim of this paper is an analysis of the categories of evictions, forced migrations and internal displacement in the context of international human rights law. Forced migrations and selected categories of internal displacement are important issues of international human rights law and international humanitarian law for more than forty years. The UDHR, adopted in 1948, does not contain any provisions related to forced human mobility and internal displacement. Despite this fact we can mention many important international law regulations focused on citizenship and human mobility. The growing interest of international community on the above-mentioned issues can be dated back to the nineties of the last century. First in-depth studies focused on environmentally-induced displacement and development-induced displacement can be dated back to the seventies and eighties of the last century. Since nineties we are observing the growing number of published on these issues, inter alia by Michael M. Cernea, Bogumil Terminski, Thayer Scudder, Etienne Piguet and many others. The issues of forced migrations, evictions and internal displacement are currently very important areas of international cooperation. Presented articles is focused on global estimations concerning the scale and dynamics of these categories (part 1), international cooperation and its international human rights law aspects (part 2) and the socio-legal consequences of forced migrations, evictions and internal displacement.
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