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Gender, Politics and Migration in the Global Agenda: Recent Changes in the South American Region
Magliano, María José y Domenech, Eduardo.
MIGRACIÓN Y DESARROLLO, vol. 12, 2009, pp. 51-65.
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Nowadays, female migration has become one of the major issues in Migratory and Gender Studies. In the last years, the number of women in migratory processes has increased as well as their social and political visibility, phenomenon known as «feminization of migration». In this context, different political actors related to this topic have considered female migration as an important subject. Firstly, this paper analyzes the place of the «female migrant» in the emergent global agenda on migration promoted by United Nations agencies and the International Organization for Migration. Secondly, it examines that social actor in those supranational political spaces recently constituted in the South American region. Particularly, the Argentinean experience makes possible to discuss the presence/absence of the gender dimension in the current national migratory policy. This article suggests that the visibility of the «female migrant» as a relevant social actor in the discourses, recommendations and lineaments of the global and regional agenda on migration, does not modify the historic invisibility of the processes that produce and reproduce gender inequalities, and which affect female migratory realities.
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