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Argentinean sex workers taking care of themselves: the case of Ammar
Gabriela Irrazábal.
Research for Sex Work, núm. 6, 2004, pp. 14-15.
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On the positive side is the contribution from Gabriela Irrazabal, who describes how the Argentinean sex workers union AMMAR fights discrimination in health-care settings: "We are tired to go to the doctorís and see how they put two pairs of gloves to check us up." This is the way a poor female sex worker describes her regular visits to the gynaecologistís in a public hospital in Argentina. Discrimination and unethical behaviour of health-care personnel towards sex workers in this Latin American country is very common.The Argentinean sex workers union AMMAR has fought this type of behaviour by identifying and contacting friendly hospitals in the framework of a comprehensive health promotion strategy. (Disponible online
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