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Access to Social Protection by Immigrants, Emigrants and Resident Nationals in Argentina
Carmona Barrenechea, Verónica, Messina, Giuseppe Manuel y Straschnoy, Mora.
En Migration and Social Protection in Europe and Beyond (Volume 3) A Focus on Non-EU Sending States. Cham (Suiza): Springer.
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This chapter discusses the level and quality of social protection granted to legally residing migrant workers in Argentina and national citizens residing abroad in five main policy areas: unemployment, health, pensions, family benefits and guaranteed minimum resources. After an overview of recent evolution in Argentina?s Social Security and migration policy, we analyze each policy area in order to identify the necessary eligibility requirements for accessing social benefits or services. Our findings show that, in general, the contributory logic prevails over nationality for Social Security benefits. In the case of non-contributory programs, we observe a regime that is generally less generous in quantitative and qualitative terms, and even more restricted for migrants. Despite this, Argentina?s immigration policy is relatively open, especially for migrants from the region, while certain fundamental rights (such as health and education) are guaranteed to all migrants (regardless of their migratory status).
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