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Pobreza en la Argentina. Privaciones múltiples y asimetrías regionales
Arévalo, Carla de los Ángeles y Paz, Jorge A.
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This paper analyzes poverty in Argentina in the last decade (2005-2015). The main objective is to identify which factors have contributed to poverty reduction in this period.We apply the methodology for multidimensional poverty measurement by Alkire and Foster (2008 and 2011) on data from the Permanent Household Survey. The empirical strategy used to identify determining factors of poverty going from a one-dimensional descriptive analysis to microeconometric decompositions based on Blinder (1973), Oaxaca (1973) and Yun (2005).We found that poverty has fallen over the last decade. This decline was stronger in the first five years (2005-2010), and the gap between the cities has narrowed throughout the period. Different factors operate on each period and those that operate into the regions were different too.
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