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SMS en la enseñanza de la lengua: microcontenidos lingüístico en contexto
Cantamutto, Lucía y Arias, María Agustina.
Estudios de Lingüística Aplicada, vol. 34, núm. 64, 2016, pp. 151-178.
Electronic writing occurs in a weave of relations between levels of communicative competence and digital literacy, and the features of the platform. The theoretical perspective of language in use (Tusón Valls, 2002) suggests that scholar contents might be contextualized: SMS address this idea since they are like microcontent (Lindner 2006). The study of attitudes, linguistic resources and uses, associated to electronic writing is central to offer students communicative strategies and skills, that promote a critical reflection on these practices; in particular, about face work. After the implementation of social habits tests, we enquire into speakers uses and perception, related with digital writing through mobile phones. KEY WORDS: SMS communication, language learning, microcontent, context, social habits test.
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