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La cuestión del límite y el Tractatus como una reflexión trascendental
Karczmarczyk, Pedro.
Discusiones filosóficas, núm. 9-13, 2008, pp. 13-23.
THE PROBLEM OF THE LIMIT AND THE TRACTATUS AS A TRANSCENDENTAL REFLECTION Tractatus Logico-philosophicus is a very complex philosophical work. It is writen by means of short phrases in a oracular style. Some parts are telegraphic, in such a way that it becomes difficult to elucidate the links among the different propositions. However, in the "preface", in particular in his remarks about the cuestion of the limit, Wittgenstein gives us some indications that we should consider carefully in order to interpret his work. This paper is basically a proposal to interpret the above mentioned remarks, of how they illuminate Tractatus, of how they are relevant to understand the nature of the profound change that Wittgenstein introduces in Philosophical Investigations. Indexada en: Publindex (categoría A2); Scielo Colombia, Philosopher´s Index; Ulrich´s Web; Latindex; New Jour (Electronic Journal Nwesletter) y MLA (Modern Language Association).
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