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Relación entre problemas respiratorios en la infancia y las alteraciones del esmalte. Revisión sistemática
Taheri, Ricardo Bahram.
Cientifica Dental, vol. 18, núm. 2, 2021, pp. 111-118.
The aim of this systematic review was to collect studies that evaluate the relationship between respiratory problems in childhood and the risk of developing enamel disorders. A systematic search of the literature published up to 1 February 2021 was conducted in the following databases: Pubmed, Scoupus, Web of Science and Cochrane. Out of a total of 173 articles, 20 articles met the inclusion criteria. A total of 16 articles studied the relationship with respiratory disorders and a further 4 articles studied the relationship with drugs frequently administered in these pathologies. The studies analysed show that patients who have suffered from asthma or other respiratory diseases in their early years of life have a higher risk of developing enamel disorders, hypomineralised incisor-molar and/ or second primary molar syndrome. In addition, the drugs used for their treatment may also be a possible etiopathogenic factor in these pathologies. Due to the limited scientific evidence available, new randomised clinical studies are needed to confirm the proposed hypothesis.
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