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Mediating Different Worlds: Bicultural Students al School
Heras Monner Sans, Ana Inés y Craviotto, Eileen.
En Living and teaching in a unjust world. Portsmouth: Heinemann.
The construction of a bicultural identity is a process both delicate and always in transformation. Often children play a specific role in this process, that of mediators of different, frequently conflicting, worlds. In this chapter we explore how the construction of bicultural, bilingual identity of university and school students is supported by an ongoing, collaborative teacher-researcher Project amongst families, school children, university students, a school-teacher and a university researcher. We conclude that there are some key aspects that teachers and researchers working with bilingual and bicultural students should take into account: families should be seen as resources for knowledge generation; multicultural and multimedia resources are key in introducing aspects otherwise not visible; students, teachers, university students, and university researchers, all play an important role as bearers of specific knowledge that may be shared by providing specific opportunities for learning; languages —not only Spanish and English, but other types of languages as well, such as audiovisuals or specific discipline related discourses— are key in providing access to a variety of knowledge resources
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