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Learning in Community Networks of Exchange in Buenos Aires and Rosario, Argentina
Heras Monner Sans, Ana Inés.
5th International Degrowth Conference. International Committee / Budapest University, Budapest, 2016.
For this piece I take data generated with 8 cooperative groups in the city of Rosario over 2014-2016, studying the specific aspects of their networking. Their network is called Movimiento de Trabajadores Autogestionados, and as we shall see, their networking does not necessarily end within the confines of their 8 groups. Our team conducted videotaped individual as well as group interviews; we also met 4 times with all 8 groups in a format we called taller (workshop), which we also documented by note taking, videotaping and photographs. It was the members of the network who asked us to conduct the taller focusing on issues they had identified (relationship between cooperative groups and state regulations). We have also observed their practice at some assemblies and at their work places.I also analyzed data from a network in the City of Buenos Aires, the Circuito Cultural MARCOS, documented for 2015-2016. I participate in this group as a full member, and therefore, my analysis seeks to objectify a practice in which I am a direct actor. I have analyzed narrative accounts of the Circuit´s meetings, a set of photos and other visual documents (e.g. flyers), and an oral diary (i.e. audio-records) where I document the process, sometimes in dialogue with others and sometimes as soliloquy (auto-reflection process). I focus on describing, analyzing and interpreting the uses space. In order to do this, I describe practices and discourses in order to interpret meaning-making processes constructed in interaction.
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