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Acerca de las relaciones interculturales: un presente-ausente tenso
Heras Monner Sans, Ana Inés.
Scripta Ethnológica, vol. 24, 2003, pp. 149-172.
Approached through a socio-linguistics frame, ethnographic fieldwork was conducted in Jujuy, Argentina, to describe, analyze and interpret the perspectives of teachers, students and their families in the face of diversity issues in the schools. Three guiding questions were posed: What is taught and learned about cultural diversity? What are the participants’ ideas about themselves and others with whom they share school life? How are these ideas displayed in their interactions? Two emergent themes are identified and analyzed in this article: a presence-in-absence semantic web, and recurrent discursive and interactive ambiguities. Fieldwork and analysis show that: a) intercultural relationships are not spoken about and yet are implicitly present in the participants’ everyday lives; b) this presence-in-absence semantic web of the unspoken directs the participants’ ideas and actions regarding diversity issues; c) contradictions and ambiguities are constantly present in all of the participants’discourse or actions.
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