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Ehtnographic Understandings. On Creation and Learning
Heras Monner Sans, Ana Inés.
Anthropology News, vol. 55, núm. 2, 2014, pp. 1-2.
This essay discusses what is at hand in otra economía, otra sociedad, characterizing it as an an open invitation to exercise an innovative perspective. Learning to do so presents also challenges, and the essay presents the most commonly identified such as:(1) Dialogue and open debate (some literature identifies this as a parrhesiastic orientation).(2) Direct and yet collaborative decision-making (the fact that each member has voice over the whole organization´s process means that participants need to learn to integrate their views, and listening to others becomes key).(3) Interacting in small groups and become ultimate responsible for the task at hand (yet take into account that each group needs to relate to other small groups in order to get the organization´s task accomplished).(4) Enact the power to transform the organization (all members have a right to suggest and debate changes) and thus embody the freedom to question the underlying logic of the organizational process(5) Trust in that what may come out may be better for all (which implies a different time frame, one oriented by the goal of collectively processing the information).
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