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Attitudes toward Learning English and Procrastination in Students from a Private Institution Specialized in Foreign Languages in the City of Lima-Peru
Marquina-Luján, Román Jesús, Huaire-Inacio, Edson Jorge, Horna-Calderón, Victor Eduardo, Villamar-Romero, Roger Maurice y Kishnani-García, Aakash.
Revista Colombiana de Psicología, vol. 30, núm. 2, 2021, pp. 27-39.
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The current study has as its objective to analyze the relationship between students’ attitude towards learning English and the procrastinating behavior at the academic level. Attitudes strengthen people’s motivation to learn a foreign language (Delfín, 2007), and procrastination, which involves unjustified delaying of activities, causes negative consequences in completing academic tasks postponement of responsibilities (Rodríguez & Clariana, 2017). The design was correlational, and the sample consisted of 55 students learning English. The instruments were the Attitudes towards English language learning questionnaire and the academic procrastination questionnaire. According to the results, evidence shows that there is a positive median relationship between the variables, leading us to conclude that despite having positive attitudes towards learning English, procrastinating behavior does not diminish. The results of this study could be utilized in bilingual programs, or those could also be utilized to implement curricula in language programs at schools or universities. The idea is that higher education institutions include, as mandatory, the instruction of English as a global languag
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