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Pluri-versalismo transmoderno decolonial in the crisis civilizatory: A fixed reading to Grosfoguel
Canaza-Choque, F. A.
Cátedra Villarreal, vol. 8, núm. 1, 2019, pp. 29-34.
The enormous burden that represents the planetary crisis to which humanity has brought it on a canon epistemic occidentalocéntrico requires a replica. For Ramón Grosfoguel, to change the geopolitics of knowledge of the modern world system/ colonial capitalist/ patriarchal by a look and positioning structural from the pluriversalismo transmoderno decolonial, is to find in the package of power relations not only contents economic, political and military, but a wide range of articulations that were buried by a eurocentric modernity. In this theoreticalreflective text is analyzed in a concise way the deployment of the studies of Grosfoguel, who is positioned within the framework of decolonization and of a critical dialog intercultural NorthSouth Global. Apodícticamente, its decolonial cut is a rupture with the monotopic universalism eurocentric.
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