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Current challenges of North-South relations in Gay-Lesbian and Queer Studies
Moira Pérez y Blas Radi.
Journal of Homosexuality, vol. 67, núm. 7, 2019, pp. 965-989.
The paper assesses and analyses different dimensions of the current configuration of North/South dialogues within Gay-Lesbian and Queer Studies, with particular attention to the interrelations between the United States and South America. It looks into how Gay-Lesbian and Queer Studies relate to the global division and hierarchy of intellectual labour traditionally embedded in academic practices, and asks whether the scope of its radical program includes a revision of unequal academic dynamics. Its concerns are both ethical and epistemological, as they speak not only to the moral and political dimensions of academic practice, but also to how these modes affect the knowledge produced in the United States and in South America today. By offering a view from the South conversant with South American as well as Northern production, we hope to contribute to both local and international debates regarding the present and future of the field.
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