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Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay
Blas Radi, Moira Pérez y Moira Fradinger.
En Chuck Stewart, Gender and Identity around the World. Santa Barbara (Estados Unidos): ABC-Clio.
The book provides a resource for students interested in the history and current status of gender identity formation and maintenance and how it impacts LGBTQ rights throughout the world. In this chapter (pp. 185-211), the authors address the region comprised by Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, and offer an overview of aspects such as culture, education, law, work, health, activism, among others. That general overview is followed by an in-depth analysis of three contemporary issues specific to the sub-region: "Case of Atala Riffo and Daughters vs. Chile" and "Gender Identity Laws" by Blas Radi, and "Gender and Imprisonment" by Moira Pérez.
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