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Epistemic violence: reflections between the invisible and the ignorable
Moira Pérez.
El lugar sin límites, vol. 1, núm. 1, 2019, pp. 81-98.
Among the forms of violence that affect socially marginalized identities, epistemic violence is probably one of the least addressed, in favor of more direct or spectacular ones. However, it is a political, ethical and epistemic phenomenon that affects everything from day-to-day relationships to professional practice, from grassroots activism to international law. Epistemic violence threatens the integrity of individuals and communities and plays a key role in power systems such as sexism, colonialism, ableism, among others. This work offers a characterization of the phenomenon as a type of "slow violence", and an analysis of some of the ways in which it is presented. Subsequently, it analyzes the link between epistemic violence and identity, and considers the possibility of a violence-free epistemic system. The paper seeks to offer tools to understand this form of violence more deeply and comprehensively, and to address it in the different spaces in which it is expressed.
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