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Who takes care of writing in Latin American and Spanish Universities?
Carlino, Paula.
En Writing Programs Worldwide: Profiles of Academic Writing in Many Places. Anderson, South Carolina (Estados Unidos): Parlor Press / WAC Clearinghouse.
This chapter presents the Latin American and Spanish initiatives that are part of this volume. Before providing a general view of what is being done in regards to writing at Latin American and Spanish universities, I offer an account of my participation in the collective project that made this book possible. I first present my journey as a professor who strived to integrate reading and writing in an Educational Psychology course. I do this with the aim of offering an additional perspective on how certain university teachers in the region decide to help students read and write in their content courses, despite the lack of institutional support. In addition, I briefly categorize and comment on the different initiatives in the region: Writing courses, Writing centers, Faculty development, Team teaching, Writing instruction "interwoven" in disciplinary courses, as opposed to "sewed" writing. El libro se publica en versión impresa, como e-book, y también digital de acceso libre (en web de la Colorado State University). NOTA: La autora del capítulo es Paula Carlino. C. Thaiss, G. Brauer, P. Carlino, L. Ganobsik y A. Sinha son editores del libro. Se aclara esto porque la forma de exhibir los datos cargados en el sistema es confusa. Los ISBN del libro son: 978-1-60235-343-5 (Paperback), 978-1-60235-344-2 (Hardcover), 978-1-60235-345-9 (Adobe eBook), 978-1-60235-346-6 (ePub). Véase: y
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