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GICEOLEM research: between AcLits, WAC/WID and 'didactics' of situated reading and writing to learn practices
Carlino, Paula.
I International Colloquium on Academic Literacies: Writing and Reading in Educational Contexts. CEALE (Centro de Alfabetização, Leitura e Escrita), Faculdade de Educação, Univ Fed. de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, 2015.
This paper addresses the research program carried out by the "Group for Educational Inclusiveness and Quality by Taking Care of Reading and Writing in all Subjects" (GICEOLEM), which is based on the Linguistics Institute of the University of Buenos Aires. This multidisciplinary team develops several related studies in different disciplines about how reading and writing can be dealt with in context to help student understanding, participation and meaning making across the curriculum, in secondary, tertiary, and graduate education. The presentation foregrounds theory and methods at the expense of results. The purpose is to highlight both our hybrid foundations and the types of data that GICEOLEM´s previous and current approaches enable to gather and analyze. Our theoretical framework intersects U.K. AcLits, U.S. WAC/WID/New Rhetoric, Australian integrated approach to teaching writing, French Disciplinary Didactics, and Argentine Interdidactical research about study practices in Sciences and Humanities. In terms of methods, several of our finished studies were developed by means of semi-structured interviews, to collect teachers and students´ perspectives about reading and writing in different university courses and programs. Our current research also comprises class observation to analyze teacher-students interaction in different disciplines which involve reading and/or writing to learn. SEE ALSO: AND
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