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Interview with Ph.D. Berenice McCarthy on Application of the Model 4 MAT and the search for revolutionary conceptions about teaching
Aldo Ocampo González.
Polyphōnía. Revista de Educación Inclusiva, vol. 2, núm. 1, 2018, pp. 155-160.
The interview with the Ph.D. Berenice McCarthy, founder of About Learning, addresses the methodological understanding of the Model 4 MAT and its application in the construction of teaching climates for educational justice, difference and inclusion. It is conceived as a key didactic device for overcoming the pragmatic obstacle of Inclusive Education, especially, it appeals to the organization of learning experiences in accordance with human nature, conceiving that human beings are multifaceted, complex and unique. For this reason the Ph.D. McCarthy states that learning arises from the integration of feeling, thinking, reflecting and acting. In short, it provides a new analytical-methodological framework for planning teaching focused on the multiplicity of differences present in the school space. In this framework, the whole must be conceived in terms of multiple singularities.
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