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The Impact of Health Conditionalities in Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes: the case of the AUH in Argentina
Santiago Poy Piñeiro, Ianina Tuñón y Matthew Walsh.
Desarrollo y Sociedad, vol. 85, 2020, pp. 157-192.
The Universal Child Allowance (AUH) is an Argentine cash transfer that conditions payment on investments in child health and education. Whereas the effects of the AUH on education have been well studied, those on health have not. This paper assesses the direct effect of the AUH on the rates of medical exams and vaccinations among children, which constitute the health conditions of the programme, along with indirect health-related outcomes meant to explore the broader effects of the programme on child health. Using microdata from the Argentine Social Debt Survey (EDSA), a quasi-experimental design is implemented to determine the average treatment effect on the treated of the AUH. The AUH is found to have no effect on the rates of medical exams and vaccinations among children nor on auxiliary oral care consumption but is found to increase food security. The paper discusses the implications of these results for programme design and implementation.
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