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The multimodal study of adult-infant interaction: A review of its origins and its current status
Carretero, Soledad y Español, Silvia.
PAIDéIA (RIBEIRãO PRETO), vol. 26, núm. 65, 2016, pp. 377-385.
The study of movement in adult-infant interactions was a focus of atention in the 70s. It was then relegated in recent decades and is now reborn under the Embodiment Perspective. The aim of this study is to provide a systematic link between theory and empirical data then and today. To this end, a systematic review of the study of movement in early interactions in the period 1970-2015 was performed, referring to the main International databases with the following key terms: mother-infant intraction, early interaction, movement. Given the predominantly kinetic character of human experience in the early years, the field of early development is an area especially in need of deepening in the embodied cognition perspective. Since the performed review systematizes the conceptual framework of the pioneering work and highlights the thematic focus shared with current ones, meets this need.
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